I’m a teacher of German, French and occasionally Italian in secondary school.  I have been a languages consultant, and now and again I still give presentations on aspects of teaching and learning in the language classroom.

I’m interested in anything that makes learning and teaching languages more fun and more productive for everyone in the room.

I don’t believe children should be lectured at, I believe they learn by being involved, by discovering for themselves, and by working together.

Nor do I believe teachers should be lectured at.  I believe they should be supported to make school life a positive experience both for the young people they see every day, and for themselves.

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As an aside, 2011 is the year I am determined to learn more about my fascination for the stars (not the horoscope type!).  If you’re interested in what I’ve been finding out there, please visit my other blog, Reesiepie Looks Up.