Languages make you sexy?

It’s that time of year again, when Year 9 are being persuaded to make their option choices.  On the one hand, as a language college, we’re fortunate that choosing one language is a core requirement of the Year 10 curriculum.  On the other, we’d love to have some more GCSE dual linguists, but somehow art, drama or extra science seem to be the preferred option!

So this Tuesday, we will be attempting to a) convince pupils why continuing with one language is a good thing, and b) try to entice some of them into choosing a second language in their options.

Among our weapons will be a fabulous PowerPoint by the wonderful Rachel Hawkes, to whom I am eternally grateful.  Finding her slides also reminded me of an assembly I did last year, based on this article in The Independent from a few years ago.  Hopefully parents might appreciate it, and it made me feel good for a short while!  Feel free to have a look at the slides .