Compare and Contrast challenge

I’ve been fascinated today by Brad Patterson’s blog post challenge, where he has challenged people to present two different but connected photos.

It really sparked my curiosity, so here’s my contribution.  I have to admit, I came up with two pairs of photos and couldn’t decide between the two, so I’m going to share both.  If it’s any justification, the two pairs are connected to each other.

Pair One

  • Where do you think is this?
  • How are the images connected?
  • What do you want to know about this place?

Pair Two

  • How are these people connected?
  • Why are their moods different?
  • What are they saying to each other?


  1. Is this at the cottage bar ?

    Hmm… yeah… i tried to cheat and checked the file name. 😉 The fellas are certainly much livelier in the bottom pic. They look like they could be brothers. No idea what they’re talking about, though… but it is at the cottage bar. LOL

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