MANCEP – 18th February 2011

I was delighted to be invited to speak to teachers from Catholic schools in Manchester today.  It was nice to catch up with a few colleagues whom I hadn’t seem for a while, and it was also a pleasure to work with such a receptive and enthusiastic group of teachers. I was asked to share some collaborative learning strategies, which seemed to go down well – at least, I had some lovely comments which indicated this was the case, so a good start to my half-term!

Here are the slides from the presentation.

The linked files or templates are here, if you find them useful.

QuizQuizTrade question template

321 Showdown examples

Random Name Generators:

Download The Hat

Link to Fruit Machine

Mug of Misery info

What’s the link PowerPoint

Guess my … doc

Question of … Italian

Question of … German

Question of … French

Secret message PowerPoint

Link to instructions for secret message

Year 8 activity PowerPoint

Feel free to use / adapt the materials here.  If you use any of the activities, please do let me know, or if you need help understanding how the PowerPoints have been constructed, do get in touch.


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