First blogpost!

As a result of an excellent couple of sessions recently from Joe Dale and José Picardo (thanks, guys) I now seem to have been inspired to get my own blog.  Not sure how that happened!  So the question now is, what to put in it?

Keeping it simple for the first one, I thought I’d share an idea that I picked up from Sara Sullivan at the SSAT National Languages Conference in October this year.   She explained how she put a proverb on the board in a foreign language as her Year 11 class were coming in, and that they loved the challenge of working out the meaning before the lesson began in earnest.  So I decided to try it with my class, and I am really impressed with the results.  In fact, if I have forgotten a proverb, they even ask me why there isn’t one for them!

Here’s a website I use to find proverbs in German.

I also brought back a few postcards from a recent trip to Berlin, which had some nice phrases on them.  My class asked if this one was of me.  Cheeky monkeys!



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